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Nea Ayurvedic Tulsi Giloy Juice for Immunity, Stress Reduction & Detox (1000ML)

NEA Ayurvedic Tulsi Giloy Juice offers a natural elixir in a generous 1000ml bottle, blending the therapeutic properties of Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Giloy. This powerful Ayurvedic formulation is meticulously crafted to enhance immunity, reduce stress, and support detoxification. Immerse yourself in the holistic benefits of Tulsi, known for its adaptogenic properties, and Giloy, revered for its immune-boosting capabilities. Embrace the purity of nature as this juice becomes an integral part of your daily wellness routine, promoting balance and vitality from within.
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Pure Tulsi-Giloy
Immunity Boosting Elixir
Stress Reduction & Detox
Wellness Powerhouse
Supports Respiratory Health
Holistic Immune Support
Promotes Mental Clarity
Detoxifies the Body
Ayurvedic Stress Buster


Consume 30ml daily, either directly or diluted with water, for optimal benefits.

It is best taken on an empty stomach in the morning or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Yes, refrigeration after opening is recommended to preserve freshness.

Absolutely, the juice is versatile and can be mixed or used in various Ayurvedic recipes.

No, the juice is crafted with purity and does not contain added sugars.